Decision Support Tool

Welcome to the EnhanceMicroAlgae Decision Support Tool (EMA-DST)

The EMA-DST provides you with a better understanding of factors affecting the commercial growth of microalgae, to better enable you to make the correct business decisions. The information we provide includes both a text book and a series of simulation models.
The e-book will be released at a rate of approximately a chapter per month. The download is free, and you only need a pdf reader. Each month we will add the next chapter to the download. Go to the DST book section for further information!
The DST models provide you with the means to explore microalgal growth using a simulation platform. The models will be free to run, though you will need to download (for free) a piece of software to operate the simulations. Initially we provide just a simple example; from autumn 2019 more complex simulators will be made available. Go to the DST models section for further information!

DST book

From the link below, you can download the final version of the EMA-DST e-book. Don’t miss it!

Any problems or suggestions, please email the author at

DST models

From here you can download and run free models that will enable you to simulate the growth of microalgae under different culture and harvesting conditions. Be sure to download and read the DST book first!
You will also need to download and install for free Powersim Studio Cockpit. This is available to run in the Microsoft Windows environment, from here:
The DST models will run for free!
Additional models will be added to the list from autumn 2019. As a taster, try the model available. first!
To run the model, open it with Powersim Cockpit. Select the conditions from the available options (just click on the desired options), and then from the top-left-hand-corner of the interface click on the run button. The model will automatically pause every 30d, so you can alter the conditions and resume the simulation; doing this you can test out different system configurations. Note that the bioreactor volume can only be changed at the very start.
To start over, reset the model (button to the left of the run button), select new options and then run again.
Any problems or suggestions, please email the author at