The EnhanceMicroAlgae programme will be achieved and managed through eight linked ‘Work Packages’. A summary of these WP activities and outputs is given below:

  • Manage and coordinate the EnhanceMicroAlgae project (WP1)
  • Microalgae information dissemination, including through comics and illustration (WP2)
  • Spin off and start-up support programs (WP3)
  • Specific capacitating programs on the technologies developed in the project with the objective of fostering skilled employment (WP3)
  • Online database of stakeholders and other key experts of the microalgae sector in the Atlantic Area (WP4)
  • Identification of new market opportunities (cosmetic ingredients, nutraceutical extracts, phytochemical production, animal and human nutrition) and challenges (WP5)
  • Accelerate EU decision on legislation uniformity related to uses of microalgae in food and feed and increase knowledge about environmental impact of microalgae production (WP6)
  • A decision tool to help SMEs decide on culture system, and culturing approach, to optimize production rate including links to researchers to provide additional assistance for facility design (WP7)
  • A guide, with decision trees, providing a road-map for commercial exploitation of microalgae according to desired product type (WP7)
  • A virtual marketplace as a platform for services and interests exchanging, supported by project partnership (WP8)