EnhanceMicroAlgae Project Update

Swansea University, leader of the Work Package 7: “Knowledge Research & development towards value application” of the ENHANCE microalgae project has received in mid-April a brand new photobioreactor (in the photo, Phyco-Flow©). This new glass system is the most up to date technology in Europe for growing microalgae species in closed system. With a capacity of 1000L, the 65 mm glass borosilicate tubes, have a control unit for temperature and CO2 injection, this reactor will be used to test new delicate microalgae species.

The first run of the reactor is currently on going, and in this case, a knowing commercial delicate microalgae (Isochrysis galbana) is the first algae to be tested in this reactor. The aim of this first trial is to have a baseline data using knowing commercial species.

For the next trial a Cyanobacteria species will be tested, the biomass produced during the trial will be distributed to ENHANCE project partners in order to characterize and find new commercial applications from the metabolites obtained.