High added-value industrial opportunities for microalgae in the Atlantic Area

The objective of this project is to exploit the biotechnology potential of microalgae in the Atlantic area, to enhance the value of this resource by transferring the latest developments in this field to the business sector, thereby facilitating production of large biomass volumes and optimising production processes in line with their different final products. The use of new species will likewise be studied to increase the business potential of this sector. Companies will be offered support, both for developing new products and for obtaining multi-products based on the same culture, through the implementation of a DST; a combination of technical and financial modelling.

This project aims to promote the interests of a broad spectrum of the industrial fabric, from microalgae cultivation for feed in aquaculture, to the exploration of different technologies, such as nanotechnology, among others, for obtaining medical treatments, cosmetics, nutraceutical extracts, phytochemical production or human nutrition, among others.