Anfaco Cecopesca leads the EnhanceMicroAlgae project, an EU-funded project in which it also Glecex participates.

Challenge enhancemicroalgae

Last Thursday 11th and Friday 12th, the launching meeting of the project “High added-value industrial opportunities for microalgae in the Atlantic Area – EnhanceMicroAlgae”, led by ANFACO-CECOPESCA, took place at the CYTMA, Centre for Advanced Research Technologies for the Marine and Food Industry of ANFACO-CECOPESCA, with the participation of 20 members of the 11 companies and research organizations from Spain, France, Portugal, United Kingdom and Ireland among which is the Galician company Glecex.

The EnhanceMicroAlgae project addresses the need to optimise current microalgae production methods in order to obtain high value compounds, facilitating the transfer of information between research organisations and companies specialised in different areas (nutritional, cosmetic, pharmaceutical, etc…), and encouraging business cooperation in order to consolidate this new market.