The University of Manchester is one of the largest UK universities with a global reputation for excellent teaching and research, and research excellence in many areas including Advanced materials, Cancer research, Energy, Global inequalities, and Industrial biotechnology. For this project researchers based in the Schools of Earth and Environmental Sciences, and Chemical Engineering and Analytical Sciences will provide expertise in microalgae biotechnology (cell physiology, molecular biology, metabolomics, genomics) and integrated (bio)chemical processing with multiscale computation of biomass cultivation for biofuel, bioproducts, wastewater bioremediation, metabolic engineering for biorefinery applications.

Project roles

University of Manchester (UM) will lead WP2, will contribute substantially experimental and analytical involvement to WP7, and will contribute to the other WPs with regard to information provision, impact/output development and communication engagement. UM will coordinate the communication and dissemination activities in WP2. As part of WP7 UM will screen microalgae strains, collate bioprospecting survey information and quantify selection and biochemical/application characteristics. They will also perform open pond strain cultivation, biomass production and quantification, metabolite characterisation, and cultivation and product modelling. UM will also contribute towards data provision and analysis of other Work Packages.

Partner contactConstantinos Theodoropoulos