Glecex is a biotechnology start-up, which offers advanced services to companies in the agrifood, cosmetics and nutraceutical sector based on its high technological and innovative capacity. The interdisciplinary capacity of our scientific team allows us to offer a complete characterization of extracts, ingredients or final products both in the food and cosmetic sectors. Glecex develops in vitro tests in cell-free systems for the screening of bioactivities and efficacy, adapted to customer needs. It specializes in the production of natural extracts (mainly organic extracts, such as from microalgae) to be used as ingredients in food and cosmetic products in substitution of synthetic ingredients.

Project roles

Glecex will provide its expertise in the commercialization of technical ingredients in both food and cosmetics sectors to facilitate the approach to the market. Being a startup founded by university researchers favours an intermediate position between research and industry.

Glecex will lend support to the university groups and technological centres to provide a closer view of the market. A collaboration in WP3 will facilitate capitalization of the project results. The participation in other WPs will be also important to identify commercial possibilities and to eliminate some technical problems that could be found. In WP7 Glecex will be able to collaborate in the biotechnological characterization of different species due to its expertise in different analytical techniques useful in cosmetic and food industries.

Partner contactEnma Conde PiƱeiro