FCUP currently hosts 6 academic departments and 6 high-performing R&D units. FCUP and CIIMAR, an affiliated research centre, are leading units in science research and teaching at the University of Porto and at a European scale.

CIIMAR is a multidisciplinary research institute whose mission is to develop high-quality research, promote technological development and support public policies in Marine and Environmental Sciences. There are ten research groups within three research domains of Global Change and Ecosystem Services, Biology, Aquaculture & Seafood Quality, and Marine Biotechnology.

Project roles

FCUP/CIIMAR will coordinate WP6. They will be part of the management bodies of the project namely in the IPR agreements preparation, risk management plan, dissemination and communication activities. FCUP/CIIMAR will prepare a capitalization activity including stakeholder’s workshops and meetings, and during the project will collaborate in the bibliographic survey related to companies, projects, patents and markets in the microalgae sector in order to identify gaps and needs for the sector.

Partner contactVitor Vasconcelos