ANFACO-CECOPESCA – Project Coordinator

ANFACO-CECOPESCA is a business association with more than a century of history that represents and defends the economic, social and professional interests of more than 200 companies from the marine and food industry network.

Located at the University Campus of Vigo, ANFACO-CECOPESCA has a plot of 6,000 m2 with a total area of more than 10,000 m2, in which is located the Advanced Technology Center for Marine and Food Industry Research (CYTMA). CYTMA has five plants exclusively for research and a Pilot Plant destined to the scaling of technological solutions at semi-industrial level, simulation of processes, development of prototypes of processing, product development using new technologies of processing and conservation, among others.

It has the most advanced and sophisticated technologies of processing, packaging and food preservation, robotics and vision systems, equipment for the valorization of by-products and modern techniques for its application in food and health and food safety. CYTMA has unique equipment including: High pressure, Multienergetic Cavity, Induction Systems, Extrusion Systems, Skinpack, HPLC-MS / MS, FPLC system for determining the bioavailability in tissues, Supercritical Fluid Extraction, Hydrolysis Reactor, Vertical Centrifuge, and Ultrafiltration Membrane Systems.
The Technological Control, Digitalization and Advanced Automation (TECDA) Laboratory stands out among the facilities located in the Center, which seeks to promote the implementation of the so-called industry 4.0 in the agri-food sector.

Project roles

ANFACO-CECOPESCA (AC) will act as the coordinator of the whole project and leader of WP1 and WP8. In addition it will perform all the activities regarding aquaculture applications of microalgae as feed (WP7), and will participate in the rest of the WPs in collaboration with the other partners. These activities will include project management and coordination, collaboration in spin-off support, sector analysis, and in legislation analysis. AC will also perform microalgal culture and processing, bivalve feeding trials, and coordination of knowledge transfer.

Partner contactGonzalo Ojea Rodríguez