The final version of the EnhanceMicroAlgae Decision Support Tools book is now available

The aim of this book is to provide the reader with a text that explains how to optimise the commercial production of microalgal biomass.

The target audience for this work includes:

  • Undergraduate and postgraduate students of biology, process biotechnology and chemical engineering.
  • Engineers engaging in the design and optimisation of microalgal bioreactors.
  • Aquaculturists wishing to develop integrated platforms for the growth of shell or fin fish.
  • Pharmacologists and nutritionists exploring the commercial potential of whole microalgal biomass or of specific biochemicals.
  • Those engaged in wastewater treatment, or CO2┬áremoval, wishing to consider deploying microalgal bioreactors.
  • Venture capitalists who wish to understand more of the basics of microalgal biotechnology.

This work is associated with several free-to-end-user simulation models, accessed via url’s given in the book.

Click here to download it!