EnhanceMicroalgae Conference Participation

Members of the EnhanceMicroAlgae (EMA) team participated in two international congresses on microalgae last April 2019:


  • The 9th European Algae Industry Summit (10-11 April, 2019 – Lisbon, Portugal) that explored the ongoing developments of the algae industry,
  • The 7th international school on natural products (25-17 April, 2019 – Agadir, Marocco) that explored established and emerging areas of research at the cutting-edge of organic chemistry inspired to natural products.

Dr Judith RUMIN and Dr Laurent Picot of the University of La Rochelle had the opportunity to present the EMA project in two 30 min talks entitled:

The Interreg EnhanceMicroAlgae project: an overview of microalgae research and industrial opportunities in the European Atlantic area in 2019” and “Microalgae pigments and metabolites as promising anticancer drugs and chemosensitizers”.