Algae production in Europe: status, challenges and future developments

In February 2019, members of the Enhance Microalgae team participated in the European Commission’s Knowledge Centre for Bioeconomy workshop titled “Algae production in Europe: status, challenges and future developments”.  This workshop connected relevant specialists from the algae industry, and was organized in the context of the growing interest in Europe for the bio-based sectors in which algae biomass plays an important role.  In the context of the European Union’s updated Bioeconomy and Blue Growth Strategies, algae biomass is becoming increasingly important as a resource for a variety of commercial applications (e.g. food, feed, cosmetics, nutraceuticals, fertiliser and bio-based products) and is attracting a growing interest.

The workshop was mainly driven by the concern on the EU Novel Foods legislation. Many industrial partners shared their opinion on this topic, while EC delegates actively listen and clarify important points, promising to take actions on the EU legislation for the algae sector.

For more information on this workshop, download this pdf.