Université de La Rochelle has partnerships with universities all over the world. It is comprised of ten research units, three research federations, and has international research cooperation. UMRi CNRS 7266 LIENSs is a multidisciplinary CNRS Research Unit of Marine Ecologists, Biochemists, Chemists, Historians, and Geographers, with a common topic: the coast.

The Biotechnology and Chemistry of Bioresources for Health team has specific expertise with microalgae, including expertise for microalgae extraction, purification, molecular characterization of microalgae metabolites: pigments, polysaccharides, oligosaccharides, proteins and peptides, lipids, polyphenols, MAAs, others. The group also performs pharmacological assessment using in vitro models, lipidomics, genotyping, microalgae culture and ecophysiology, as well as scoping industrial opportunities for microalgae.

Project roles

ULR will manage and coordinate WP4 to identify gaps and technical barriers to the microalgae sector development. This will involve a SWOT analysis of microalgae companies for identification of technological, market, legislative and social barriers, review of literature, previous and ongoing projects dealing with microalgae in the Atlantic Area, creation of a database of stakeholders and key experts, and analytical review of the microalgae sector. ULR will design and perform an electronic online survey about sectorial challenges and barriers in the microalgae sector (Delphi). They will participate actively in all WPs and use existing networks and build new ones to disseminate the EnhanceMicroAlgae outputs. The team will organize a workshop in La Rochelle to disseminate WP4 results to industry, public authorities and experts.

Partner contactLaurent Picot