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28th European Biomass Conference and Exhibition (EUBCE)



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Microalgae production for high added value compounds is identified as a business sector with high growth potential in the near future, especially in the Atlantic Area.


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EnhanceMicroAlgae project aims to facilitate the development of industrial and business opportunities in the microalgae sector within the Atlantic regions of Ireland, UK, France, Spain and Portugal.


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To achieve this goal the analysis of skills, gaps and opportunities, the development of study cases and Decision Support Tools, the incorporation of emerging technologies and the promotion of spin-offs and qualified employment will be undertaken.

Thank you for attending the EMA Webinar

We would like to take the time to thank all of you who attended the first EnhanceMicroAlgae Webinar on Thursday 16th July. We hope that you found it interesting to...

EnhanceMicroAlgae Webinar July 2020

The EnhanceMicroAlgae team will be hosting a Webinar on Thursday 16th July, in which the EhanceMicroAlgae team will present  the virtual tools developed within the project, as well as the...
Microalgae the hidden world